Kickbox drills 2007 part 1

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from (pattern 16267)

Hey all! Here are some easy drills and fillers that help make 'em sweat!

Warmup drill:

This is my warmup but i sometimes use it again ( and again!) during class

DRILL #1: Upper Body - hand/arm strikes

Pyramid down:

Final permutation:

Repeat as needed. Add traveling forward and backward.

HINT: make sure the hips are active with each strike.

DRILL #2: Lower Body - legs and butt

Cue wide stance and prepare to squat:

Start with basic squats (4 counts each) check for correct form. Add knee strike:

Repeat! (lots of groans here!)

HINT: be vigilant about form and if you have members who are not able to work in a squat position this long, give them an option. (ex: planking/pushups/stationary knee strikes/ab crunches...etc.)

To help class get started on time, I issued a warning: come 5 minutes late, 10 pushups before you join class. 10 minutes late: 20 pushups. Helps motivate the stragglers!

More to come! Happy 2007!

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From: Manhattan, New York (USA)
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