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This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 16276)

It's been almost 5 years since I last submitted...wow! Busier than I thought...Step is horizontal; all combos begin right-lead and self-reversing.

Combo 1: (For warm-up; can use or not in routine...)

Repeat entire 64 counts now leading on the left from the top.

Combo 2:

Combo 3:

Combo 4:

Combo 5:

**Glute crossovers=Left lead at right corner; as do glute squeeze, hop twice on top of bench with left foot as right foot swings behind you to exit down on other side of step, exiting right/left. Now repeat leading right, with left leg swinging behind and exit left/right. Maybe this is also called a helicopter?

**Tictoc=Do the first two abductions or legs to the side of a repeat abduction (8,7,6,5), keeping left leg in the air; switch left leg onto bench with right leg to side (4); switch right leg onto bench with left leg out to side (3); exit left/right (2,1).

**3 Knee Slide=Do three knees on top of bench, like a skater with hams, only doing knees.

**Knee up and back=one of the many variations for a repeater knee; Knee lift (8,7), walk backward 3 steps (6,5,4), knee lift (3), walk back two steps toward the corner right/left (2,1).

I'm happy to see this site going strong...this makes my 101st submission; I couldn't believe it when I checked. Please feel free to email me with any questions. Special hi to Melanie Vouk and Terri Kennedy, if you are still around!

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