New Year Step (Intermediate)

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Combo #1, 32 count self-reversing

Combo #2 32 count self-reversing

Combo #3 64 count self-reversing


Combo 1

* Squat-tic toc-squat: I start them off with a basic mambo. Then advance to a quick squat with a rock back. Then I advance to a pulse 3 squat with rock back. Then advance to squat (1,2) tic (3) toc (4) squat (5,6) rock back (7,8)

** Double ricochet. My base move is a rocking horse (4) Hop turn straddle (4). Advance (single ricochet): 1 curl cross back (4) hop turn straddle. Advance (double ricochet): curl cross back (4) reverse hop turn straddle (4)

Combo 2

* 6 count lunge: assume right lead. side approach. Step up right (1) up left (2) right foot lunges off the back of the step (3,4) step down left (5) down right (6) facing front.

** Tic toc L-step. I stole this move from Leslie's video. Its an L-step with a tic toc on counts 5,6 step home 7,8. Thanks Leslie!

Combo 3

*L-step grapevine hamcurls etc.. Base move. 1/2 L, 2 single ham curls, 1/2 L home (16) Advance: Start your grapevine to the side with count 1 starting on your step. Grapevine out to the side (2,3,4) hamcurl floor (5,6) hamcurl floor (7,8) grapevine back to step (9,10,11,12) 1/2 L-step home (13,14,15,16). In my combo I do 2 of these in the same corner, so when I grapevine back to the step on count 16, I kick and grapevine out again in that same corner.. I really encourage them to use the floor and to drop the hamcurls, sit down low. This one really gets the heart rate up, and its FUN!

When you come back to to the step after doing the grapevine hamcurls twice on right lead you'll switch corners and will be on left lead to do the charleston, 3 lunges..etc...this section of the combo does not change leads so after your left-step (kicking or cowboy) you'll still be on left lead to go into your grapevine with hams on the left (2x)

Please email me with any questions.
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