NEW TO STEP lets break it down

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 16282)

So you want to make up choreo...let us begin

This is for the new step instructor, the one that copies routines, but doesn't create them.

Start with:

Now you change your stuff...

The 2 basics can become:

The repeater can turn to:

The four corner knees turn:

Then you pick and choose a routine.. be careful some moves dont repeat too much. Make 3-5 blocks, then weave them together. Always start the next routine with 2 basics, a repeater, and four corner knees, then change.

Play with this, don't get crazy, when you feel comfy with this, then begin to change around your base move. Maybe even begin to add different count moves the 5s and the 6s and the 10s. But stick with the basics to start.

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