The Game of Life!

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I've been using this site for about 4 years and decided I would give back. I teach a beginner class that's geared towards people that have two left feet. Ha! Ha! But, we always have our die hards that come so it's a challenge to teach to both as you well know. So, this is what I came up with for the last one I taught. We all had a great time!

The format of this class is a circuit class varying between cardio and strength training. For the strength training part of it I had stations around the room with various muscle work at each "station". I timed them for one minute at each station and gave them 15 seconds to switch to the next station. I had 5 stations in all, One for bi-ceps, one for tri-ceps, one for legs, one for abs, and one for shoulders. After we warmed up and stretched I had them gather around into a circle facing each other to start our cardio section with the "Game of Life". I took the "wheel" out of my Life game and put it in the center of the room. For each number I made different cardio moves, such as...

(I taped the moves up with the corresponding number at the front of the room so they all just had to look to know what they had spun.)

  1. Jumping jacks
  2. All play (this space they were able to choose a move of their own or one that was up on the board if they couldn't think of anything else.)
  3. Football runs
  4. Grapevine (just make sure you que this so everybody's going the same way)
  5. Jump rope
  6. Change places and go again. (They change places with anybody)
  7. Hustle (you are in a circle facing each other, so this one is fun because you are running to the center of the circle towards each other and then back out.)
  8. Punches (let them choose, jabs, cross punch, uppercuts, or hooks or a combo of one of each punch.)
  9. Squats (any variation)
  10. All play

Make sure every person gets a chance to spin. That's how I decided how long to do each "spin" for. Our class is kinda smallish and you go through the each Cardio and Strength section 4 times. So I timed them each to last about 6 minutes. Which just barely gives you enough time with your stretch at the end for an hour long class.

As you can see the ideas to this are endless! You can get creative and do whatever you want with the numbers as well as the stations. I love games it makes the time go by so fast. So if there's anyone out there with some more game ideas please share!

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