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I received some very good feedback from my cycling group after this class. I started by telling them that the workout was a modification of a workout that some of our athletes do on the indoor track (200 meter). On the track 3 of them will run in a line one behind the other. The person at the front of the line takes off in a full out sprint while the other 2 continue to run. When the lead runner catches up to the back of the line the person at the front takes off sprinting. They will repeat this for 45 minutes - 1 hour.

This workout is a modification of that track workout. You start by assigning everyone to a 3 person team and giving them a number which indicates what position in line they start in, 1,2 or 3.

Position #1 is the "Lead Position". In the lead position you are working at 80-90% work effort, anarobic effort if they can. I encouraged our group to hover sprint when they were in the "Lead".

Position #2 is the "Push Position". While in number 2 they are pushing the "lead" working at about a 70-80% work effort. I left the cycling position to them either a strong hover climb or a fast seated climb what ever they needed to do to get into their 70-80% effort. Many varied this throughout the workout.

Positon #3 is the "Active recovery Position". While in 3 they are seated and working at 50-60% effort. This is when they need to take in water and bring their HR down.

One repetition is completing each of the 3 phases, for the person starting in the lead a full rep will be Lead/AR/Push. The person starting in 2 will be Push/Lead/AR and the person startin in 3 will be AR/Push/Lead.

We started with a warm-up where the workout and positions was explained. I made sure to tell them that once we started there would be no breaks so to be sure to use the AR recovery phase to take water in. I suggested that they set their tension to about 70% while seated and that they needed to adjusted this themselves throughout the workout as required to get into the zone they should be working in.

The workout (bet you thought I was never going to get there)

Cool down

Once they start the workout all you need to do is cue the changes, keep reminding them where they should be in line and what the effort levels are. Hope you enjoy this.

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