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This is an Aquatic pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 16302)

Warm up


Jog in for 30 seconds right into:

From pendulum:


Put it together from the pendulum

New component:

Now mix it up

Now in between each combo block you can have them travelling the pool or even add strengthening blocks of your own

For fun you can add rickshaw where two people are back to back both of them with noodles in under the arm pits one pulls the other or square dancing: 2 lines of people, one group on one side the other group on the other have them jog up to each oter meeting in the middle slapping double high 5, and then jog back repeat 4-6x. Then have them jog up and aroung their partner and back. Then they run up connect arms cicle around and return.

These are just some fun add-ons

For those of you who viewed my previous postings and have emailed me about "WALKING THE DOG", here is the definition and I apologize for those of you I wasn't able to get back to

"Walk the dog" is a lateral travelling move that works the inner thigh step or hop out to the right and drag left leg in the right arm reaches out and pulls down as if you were being pulled while 'walking the dog', then repeat on left

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