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I really like to keep my classes exciting with alot of momentum, so here are some different things that I do.

1. Round robin sprints or jumps. We could be in a circle or lined up and I have each person sprint for 30 seconds and then the next, etc. Everyone loves these because they can encourage each other. Last week I did jumps, every 4 counts the next person stood/sat and then we sprinted.

2. Sprint pyramid. I use levels to indicate how hard their tension should be. Base of pyramid, Level 7 for 1 minute, sprint Level 7, 8, 9, 10 for 30 seconds each, then hold tempo at level 10 for 30 seconds. Middle of pyramid, level 8 for 1 minute, sprint level 8, 9, 10, hold level 10 for 30 seconds, top of pyramid, level 9 for 1 minute, sprint level 9, 10 for 30 seconds each, hold level 10 for 30 seconds

3. Strength trials. Start very easy, every 10 seconds crank the resistance up for 1 minute then start all over again. I usually do 3-5 in a row.

4. Sprint jumps- I go from a climb position to a hoover while sprinting

5. Isolation jumps- hold an isolation and then alternate with an isolation hoover

6. Isolation sprints- hold an isolation and then tell them to pick up the pase (BURN!!!)

Hope this gives you some ideas


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