Mum's Basic Pinwheel Step

This is a Quad Step pattern from (pattern 16548)

I taught this for the first time today. We had never tried pinwheel but it was lots of fun! See Clara Dixon's pinwheel pattern (#15054) for a good description of how it works.

Right leg lead moving counterclockwise

Combo #1

Switch to next bench

Combo #2

Switch to next bench

Combo #3


Combo #4

You should now be back to your home bench

Transition combo to reverse lead legs (stolen from Clara)

Do combos 1-4 on a left lead

For combos that are a bit harder:

Combo #5

#6 (based on a combo from Lethal Leslie)

Combo #7

Combo #8

Transition combo (stolen from some CIA video years ago)

*This is a great "brain break". You can stay on the same bench for awhile and do some anaerobic work. The stomp straddle can be done double time.

You are now on a left foot lead ready to do combos 5-8 on a left foot lead. I hope this makes sense! I didn't do any moves that the class didn't already know really well. I also would break down the combo a little bit at each bench.

Example combo 6

This is sounding more confusing than it actually was! Depending on the level of your class you could do a different combo as you switch to each bench, or simply repeat the same combo all the way around, do your transition combo and repeat around on a left lead.

One other idea: you could teach the first half of the class as regular step, going through each combo. Once they are familiar with them put them in a pinwheel formation.

Email with questions!

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