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This is a fun class that's a great workout without seeming like a lot of work. Tell the class they're going to be doing a variety of workouts. I taught it add-on style beginning with the football drill, so I returned to the earlier drills after I taught each new drill. I use 32 count music to keep track of how long I use each move, but you wouldn't have to. Begin with a warm-up.


Have the class make a small circle. Have them run in a circle long enough to build up a current. Then have them turn around and run the opposite direction, against the current. Repeat several times.


Football run (high knees, in and out, like you're running the tires) forward 32 counts and back 32 counts.


Side shuffle left 32 counts. Fast feet (basketball shuffle) in place 32 counts. Jump up like you're shooting the basketball 32 counts. Repeat with right shuffle, then fast feet and jump shots.


Hopscotch (jump together, jump with right foot, jump together, jump with left foot, and so on) forward 32 counts. Jump rope in place 32 counts. Hopscotch back 32 counts. Jump rope in place 32 counts.


Begin with alternating kicks like you're kicking a ball. Leg goes back first like you're getting ready to kick, then forward as you kick. Alternate kicks 32 counts.

Then everyone runs bases. Run in a diamond or circle shape. This gets kind of chaotic, but it's fun. Cue participants to jog in place when they return to their spots.

Ballet class

Hands over your head or out to the side, like a ballerina's.

Begin with leg lifts on the right side, all the way forward and all the way back. Cue participants to keep their tummies tight and squeeze their buns as the leg moves back. Do this for 64 counts. Repeat left side.

Left leg, side legs lifts, 64 counts. Repeat right side.

Plies (squats with toes pointed out) 64 counts.

Releve (heel lifts) 32 counts.


Cross-country ski 32 counts.

Downhill ski (moguls) 32 counts.

Pilates class

Hundreds: tummy tight, flutter arms back and forth in the water, 64 counts. I didn"t do breath of fire with my class this time since most of them have no experience with Pilates, but I might next time.

Dance party

Twist 64 counts.

Feet change to heel toe with monkey arms 32 counts.

Change to swim arms 32 counts.

Gym class

Have participants go to the side of the pool. Have them do 10 wall push-ups against the pool wall then sprint to the other side. I did this a total of four times.

Yoga class

I did my usual stretches, but tried to make them more yoga-like by cueing breathing and holding them longer. I also included standing cat/cow, standing eagle, and warrior 1. (The yoga journal webpage has good descriptions of poses if you're not sure what these are.)

Hope you have fun!

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