AQUA - 24 Hour Fitness Style!

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My class is comprised of mostly older people ~ so my workout is pretty basic....we listen to disco type music, have fun and the hour flies by!

I don't necessarily count out the moves like I do in the other classes I teach....we just do these as we listen to the music!

Warm up: march in place, high knees, running-man arms, jog in place, cross country ski, repeat.

Cardio: using kick-boards, weights or noodles...we are in a superman position, on our tummies, holding the kick-boards or weights out in front, and we kick from one end of the pool to the other, 4x total. I give them the option of jogging up and down the pool, or simply marching in place if they don't want to be on their stomachs. Then we return to our starting position back in the center of the pool and we jog in place, high knees, jumping jacks, cross country ski, rocking-horse, pendulum, twisting side to side, repeating everything over for about 20 minutes time.

Strength: keeping their feet moving the entire time (or else the members get cold!) we use our weights and do bicep curls, tricep ext., chest flies, repeating the cycle a few times. Then on to lower body: we hold onto the wall or lane divider and do leg lifts out to the side, to the front, switch sides, repeat. Wall push-ups, or using the noodles. Abs using the noodles, lay back with noodle behind our backs, reclining back.....mermaid legs (knees/ankles together) we bring the knees in to the chest, then working oblique"s, keeping legs together, and we twist side to side, bringing knees in to the chest.

Cool down: we walk back and forth to the shallow end of the pool, arms moving along at our sides...repeating 2x......back to center of pool, we stretch to each side. We stretch out the upper body and lower body. They usually hit the Jacuzzi right after to relax!


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