Sonia's Popover Squat

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 16508)

Horizontal step. Tapless, 32 count, self-reversing combinations. Choreography notes are at the end. If there is anything that doesn't make sense please email me.

Combo 1

Repeat left

Combo 2

Repeat left

Combo 3

Repeat left

Combo 4

Repeat left

Combo 5

Repeat left

Choreography Notes

Footwork is given as the move first appears above:

1 Mini-pendulum:
1,2) with your right side to the step, step up right, hop right as left leg lifts to the side,
3) hop on top left as right lifts to the side,
4) hop on top right as left lifts to the side,
5,6) exit left and right turning to face the step.

*2 Hopturn into a rocking horse:
1,2) leading left hop turn forward over the step,
3) right foot to the floor on the front facing the back of the room,
4) left knee lift,
5) right foot to step,
6) ham curl right,
7, 8) walk down right and left.
Repeat with a right lead to take you home and back to a left lead.

*3 Swing repeater:
1) step up right at the left corner,
2) swing/kick the left leg forward from the hip,
3) tap the left foot back on the floor,
4) tap the left foot forward on the floor,
5) tap the left foot forward on the floor,
6) swing/kick the left leg forward from the hip,
7,8) exit the step left and right.

*4 Popover Squat, rock back;
1, 2) with your left side to the step, step up left and right,
3) squat left off the front side, right foot pulls off the step slightly,
4,5), up right and left,
6) step down on the home side with your right foot,
7) rock back onto your left foot,
8) rock forward onto your right foot.
Note: you end in the same place you started facing the same direction.

5 L-mambo:
1,2) walk off the end of the step right and left-.right foot on the step, left on the floor,
3,4) half mambo forward on the floor (ie., rock forward and back),
5,6) right steps up at the end of the step, left knee lifts,
7,8) exit home left and right.

6 Curb Walk:
This move is essentially 3 stomps but you move along the long side of your step...your foot towards the step is only on the step on counts 1 and 5:
1) with your left side to the step, do a small stomp left moving forward a little, right foot pulls off the floor,
2) right foot to floor moving forward a little, left foot pulls off step,
3) left foot to floor forward of right foot, right foot pulls up,
4) right foot to floor in place,
5) left foot to step, moving back a little, right pulls up,
6) right foot to floor, moving back a little,
7) left foot to floor rocking back, right foot pulls up,
8) right foot to floor rocking forward.

Hope you enjoy this one...Sonia

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From: Texas (USA)
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