Sonia's Precision Strength #3

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Precision: the quality or state of being precise. The degree of refinement with which a move is performed and marked by precision of execution.

This workout is performed with slow, deliberate, precise motion. This allows every move to focus on full range of motion and precise muscle recruitment. Slow movement not only utilizes the muscles more completely, but it also allows students to concentrate on precise form.

Suggested bpms: may slow it down even more, but do not go over 128. Reps are suggestions and may need modifying for your group.

Equipment: dumbbells heavy enough to fatigue in 16 reps or less, dynaband tied in a circle or a Sprie band, a mat, and a step with at least one riser under each end.

Precise Upper Body Focus

Lying on a mat either on the floor or on the step:

Seated on the long edge of the step:

Stretch the upper body.

Precise Standing Work, Lower Body and Upper Body Focus

Place the dynaband tied in a circle around your ankles (may use a Sprie band)..keep the band on throughout this section:

NOTE: when executing the biceps push do not push the dumbbells past the shoulders. Always maintain that slight bend in the elbows so that the elbows are always lower than the hands.

Stretches as desired.

Precise Mat Work

Lying on your left side on a mat on the floor with the band still around the ankles:

Turn onto your back, knees up, feet fairly close together and toes up:

Turn onto your right side and repeat the abductor/adductor series as above.

May remove the band at this point, although it will not be in the way.

Turn supine, feet flat on the floor, spine neutral, hands in a comfortable position for ab work.

NOTE: arms and legs together is an optional move and should not be used for beginners nor anyone with back issues.

**Stretch and relax!**

Please email any questions or comments. I used this for my own workout earlier today and it wiped me out! All that precision is tiring. hahaha

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From: Texas (USA)
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