Noodle Master (Kid Fit)

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Kids love the water noodles! Here is a game to use the noodles outside of the water!

Make boundary lines for play area (with cones, etc...)

Partner kids up into groups of 2.

One partner has the noodle (noodle master) and joins other noodle masters from other teams in the center of the playing area.

Partners without the noodle are free to run around area.

Noodle masters say the,"noodle pledge." This lets everyone know the game is beginning. (noodle pledge: all for one,one for all, lets go get em y'all.) Make your own up, ours is corny we're in Oklahoma!

Noodle masters are going to try and tag their partner with the noodle.

When partner is tagged, noodle is set on the floor by the feet of the person tagged.

Tagged partners pick up the noodle, turns around 360 deg. then tries to tag partner. This keep going until players are instructed to stop.

At some point, make sure everyone has been a "noodle master"

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From: Pryor, Oklahoma (USA)
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