Sonia's Strength & Endurance XI

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Light dumbbells, heavy dumbbells, stability ball, step with no risers or one under each end. Music 128 - 132 bpms.

NOTE: DO NOT use the weights on the step at tempo. Each endurance section has a combination that is done at tempo with NO weights. Then the combination is repeated at half tempo using light dumbbells. Anyone new to step or anyone with joint problems should NOT use the weights on the step at all.

**Strength Set 1**

*Upper body strength: 4x-8x Tiger Pushups

Lying prone on the floor place your elbows beneath the shoulders and extend your forearms forward. Bring the hands towards each other and form a triangle with the thumbs and pointer fingers. Curl the toes under and press up into a pushup position. May keep the knees bent instead of pushing all the way up with legs extended.

*Lower body strength: Single & Double Legged Squats with stability ball.

With your right side to a wall, place the ball at the top of the leg between your body and the wall. Place the left ankle behind the right ankle/calf. Lower into a squat 8x, 4 counts down, 4 counts up. Turn your back to the wall and place the ball between your sacrum and the wall. 8x, squat, 4/4 count.

Turn your left side to the wall and repeat the single legged squat with the right ankle behind the left ankle/calf.

May repeat the double legged squat.

**Endurance Set 1**

NOTE: the endurance combinations are not meant to be broken down as they are simple and repetitive. The purpose of running through the combo is to establish the movements that will be used. All combinations are tapless and self-reversing.

No weights and using the music at tempo:

Using light weights and the music at half tempo:

Standing on the floor using your light weights and 4/4 count:

**Strength Set 2**

*Upper body strength: Leaning Biceps

With heavy weights in hands, lean against a wall. Walk your feet forward so that just your shoulder blades are touching the wall. Place the backs of your upper arms against the wall and keep them there throughout the movement. Palms are turned forward. 12x-16x, biceps curls, 4/4 count.

*Lower body strength: Ball Lunges

Place the ball between your sacrum and the wall. Stagger the feet and do 8 lunges on each side, 4/4 count.

**Endurance Set 2**

*No weights and using the music at tempo:

*Using light weights and the music at half tempo:

*Standing on the floor using your light weights and 4/4 count:

**Strength Set 3**

*Upper body strength: 8x-16x, Triceps dips on ball, floor or step, 4/4 count.

*Lower body strength: 16x each side, abductor lifts side lying over the ball, 2/2 count. Rest weight on top of thigh for extra workload.

**Endurance Set 3**

No weights and using the music at tempo.

With light weights and using the music at half tempo:

Standing on the floor using your light weights and a 4/4 count:

**Strength & Endurance Set 4**

*Upper body strength/endurance: Chest Squeezes - hold stability ball between arms with arms bent at 90 - squeeze the ball 32x, 2/2 count.

*Lower body strength/endurance: Inner Thigh Ball Squeezes.

32x, sit on the ball with your knees gripping the ball as if you were riding a horse bareback. When you look down there should be a straight line from your hips, through your knees to the floor. Your lower legs are back and you are on the toes. Use 2/2 count. Finish by holding the squeeze for 16-32 counts.

*Upper body strength/endurance: Ball Pushups 8x-16x.

Lying prone over the ball, do the pushups with your knees or mid-shins centered over the ball and the hands beneath the shoulders on the floor. For those who are very strong they can do all or some of these with the ankles on the ball.

*Core Control:

Stay in position over the ball with your legs extended behind you straight out from the hip. Adjust so that your knees are centered on the ball. Draw the knees toward your chest rolling the ball in and out. Emphasize control. 4/4 count 8x-16x.


Still lying prone over the ball adjust the ball so that it is under your hips/abdomen. Extend the legs behind you with the toes resting on the floor. Hands will still be on the floor. Do opposite arm/leg lifts 16x on each side, 4/4 count. May Knee left over the ball too.

*Gluteus and Hamstring Bridges:

Lying on the floor on a mat, place the calves and heels on the ball so that your legs are bent to about 45 degrees.

*Grip & Tap Crunches:

8x, lying supine place the ball between the thighs and the calves (legs are bent) and rest just the toes on the floor.

*Balancing Crunches:

Lying supine lift the feet, bend the knees to 90 degrees. Balance the ball on the shins.

Hope this works for you. Please email any questions or comments. I love to hear from you.


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