From the Middle

This is a Double Step pattern from (pattern 16536)

2 steps, horizontal, home is facing front and in the middle

_______ home
_______ away

32/ 64 count patterns, self-reversing (right ends left, left ends right), odd number of patters so you can lace them together (do one after another starting right and then repeat one after another starting left.)

I - 64 count

II - 32 count

III - 32 count all on home

IV - 32 count

V - 32 count

VI - 32 count

VII - 32 count

All definitions as if you were starting on your right foot:

* Over walk side kick - up right,up left, down on floor right, step behind on floor left, step right on floor, side kick left on floor, step left on floor, step in front on floor right over left - back at step for next move!

** Inside loop - right turnstep on home, right turnstep on away

*** V-jack - up right/left in V-step (2) hop in-out-in (3) right knee lift (1) down right/left (2)

**** Swing over and jack - up and swing legs 4 counts on top, right/left/right/left, down, down and jack on floor

***** Step back - foot closest to the step rocks back lift left, left down lift right (2)

Please enjoy! email with questions.

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From: Springfield, Missouri, (USA)
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