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Last night we used the steps extensively in my boot camp class. I also set up four stations, one on each of the four walls of the studio:

We all did 3 drills on the step together, then the group split up into the stations. After doing the station for 90 seconds, we all came together again for 3 more drils on the step, then onto the next station, etc.

Step Drills

Horizontal step:

Vertical step with no risers:


1. Agility ladders -- quick feet in in out out, making sure to use each rung. We have one long ladder that can be split into two, so I set them up next to each other. Participants had to lead right on one ladder, then quickly switch over to the other ladder and lead left. As soon as the person in front of you was 2-3 rungs in, you could go. It moved fast.

2. Balance pods -- squat while standing on the pods

3. BOSUs -- holding one 5-pound dumbbell in your hands, sit on the BOSU, lean back to engage the abs, and do a Russian Twist from side to side. Option to lift one or both feet off the floor, and also option to drop the weight and just twist. (We don't have medicine balls, so the 5-pounder was the best I could do.)

4. No equipment -- squat jumps, making sure to land softly and keep the hips and weight back to protect the knees.

My legs are screaming today! It was a great workout. :)


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