Simple, Fun 64 Count

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 16372)

Combo 1

Repeat other lead

Combo 2

Repeat other lead

* For the side leg/grapevine/side leg/go home you are stepping right (1) lift left leg (2) left leg down directly into a grapevine away from the step (3-5) lift right leg (6) then go directly into another grapevine back to the step (7,8). Step onto the bench right into a 3 side leg repeater.

** Weave over is like over the top, but you are swinging the outside leg up and across the bench so it steps down on the front of the bench before the lead leg. First time you step up right (1) left leg swings over and steps on the front side of the bench (2,3) right lands on the front (4) then walk left,right,left,right back home. Now you are on the left lead to start the next weave.

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