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This is a Step pattern from (pattern 16384)

These are 32 count tape free combos that change leads.

Combo 1

Stomp combo (with a right lead): I cue the breakdown "This is two stomps on your right foot, one on the left". Facing North/West from behind your board stomp on the board near the West with your right foot (1) stomp your left foot on the floor (2) right on the board again (3) left on the floor (4). Step down with your right foot face North (5) and stomp your left foot on the board near the East, face North/East (6). Stomp your right foot and the floor (7) then step down with your left foot facing North (8).

Half a spiral: step onto the board right (1) and left (2) as you're turning to face South. Exit off the front of the board right (3) and left (4) now you're in front of your board facing the back of the room.

Alternate your knee: one knee lift near the East, one near the West (8).

Walk around half way: walk around the East of the board so you end up behind your board facing West (4). You can also layer this with waltzing around or double spinning around - it's fun.

Repeat your knee: well everyone knows what that is, right? Just do a 3-knee repeater near the West of the board (8). Of course you can layer this with variations.

Now you can repeat this same combo with a left lead or move on to combo 2.

Combo 2

One knee up, one knee back (with a left lead): it's just like alternating your knee. The first knee lift is on the board near the East and the second is on the floor near the West (8).

Walk the mambo: this is just two mambos with a little direction. Stay behind the board facing East, your right foot always stays on the floor. Mambo up on the board with your left foot (1) step on the floor right (2). Step down on the floor in front of you with the left foot (3) step on the floor right (4). Mambo the left foot on the board again (5) step on the floor with the right (6). Step down with your left foot on the floor behind you (7) step on the floor with the right (8). I cue the breakdown "Up and forward, up and back". For a variation you can add a pivot just about anywhere you want in there.

Double knee, walk it behind: while still facing East behind your board (left lead) do a two-knee repeater near the West of your board (4). Exit right and left (5+6) walk around behind the West edge to the front of the board (7+8). We add a little variation by twirling in on 7+8. Now your orientation is facing East off the front side of your board near the West.

Walk the plank: you are walking on top of your board for two steps, right and left (1+2) traveling from the front West corner toward the back East corner. Continue walking off the back of the board facing South/East for two steps right and left (3+4) pivot turn on (5+6) walk back toward your board on (7+8). I cue it "You're walking! Up for two, down for two, pivot, back two". Your orientation now is behind the board facing North or North/West.

I hope you like these and they make sense! Have fun and please feel free to email me with any questions. I was going to add three more combos, but I'm tired now. It's harder than I thought. :S Look for part two. ;)

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From: Westmont, Illinois (USA)
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