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Okay I will try to keep this as clear as I can!

Break down

6 count mambo right lead (6): this is basically a stomp corner to corner

Reverse turn rock down right, left, exit turning to face the front (10): you will not step down from the reverse turn until after the 2 rock downs. You will be facing the back of the room for the rocks. Your right rock down is on 3, and your left is on 6. your exit should be on 9,10

Walk the curb (8): this is basicaaly a walk around the step with a stomp on 1, and 5. The stomp is with the right foot both times. After the first stomp start walking around the step to the right, and start turning to fach the back of the room. The second stomp will be on 5 facing the back of the room, and then just keep walking to the right, turning to face the front.

Double knee with two quick hops over the step (8): double knee repeater facing the left, exit while traveling to the right (6) then facing the left hop over the bench left right (2) The hops should feel like a jog left right, as you hop over you should turn to face the wall behind you. This can also be done as a double knee walk around the bench. Either way you should be on the front end of the bench on the left lead.

You can now repeat the pattern on a left lead, facing the back of the room.

I hope you can figure it out! If you have questions just email me!

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