Spring Hi/Lo-Aerobic Dance

This is a Hi/Lo pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 16395)

This is a fun combo that my class just loves. Hope your class likes it, too! The combo starts on a right lead and is a self-reversing 64 count combo. Explanation of moves with an asterisk will be provided below each combo and also assumes right lead. Number of counts for each move will be given in parentheses. I'll try and explain the moves as best I can, but if you still have questions, feel free to email me. Thanks to all who have contributed in the past as it is inspiring on those uncreative days! By the way, you can make these moves really funky for a dance class or really vanilla for a hi/low or beginner class. Play with them, and see what you can come up with!

  1. 1. *Step hop x4 (8)
  2. 2. Double step x2 (8)
  3. 3. **Corner turn x1 (8)
  4. 4. ***Slow double step x1 (8)--this reverses lead
  5. 5. ****Grapevine -L x1 (8)
  6. 6. *****Funky hustle x2 (8)
  7. 7. Walk/Jog back to original spot (8)
  8. 8. March out,out,in,in x2 (8)

* Step hop: this is basically a scoop in place.

** Corner turn: this is a turning step touch. Assuming right lead: Counts 1-2 do one step touch toward mirror (right/left), counts 3-6 do two step touches toward E wall (left/right/right/left), and counts 7-8 do one step touch facing front again (left/right).

*** Slow double step: counts 1-2 step out right into a squat and pulse twice, counts 3-4 step back in with left foot and hold for a count, counts 5-6 step out right into a squat and pulse twice, counts 7-8 step back in Left and hold for a count. This reverses the lead.

**** Grapevine left: assuming right lead: counts 1-4 do one grapevine right/left, counts 5-8 turn toward the East wall to do another grapvine (left/right). This will leave you at the top of the class (very close to the front wall), so make sure you have enough room when you start the combo.

***** Funky hustle: the grapevine-L will leave you facing East. Counts 1-2 walk forward (toward East wall) (right/left), Pivot on count 3-4, Counts 5-6 walk forward (toward west wall) (right/left), Pivot on count 7-8.


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