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Many thanks to Terri for her fun step. I used Combo #1 exactly as is and my students loved it! Just the right difficulty level for my class of advanced beginners. Thanks to all for the choreo I've gotten from you over the years. Now my turn. I'm including the two OTHER combos (Number one came from Terri) we used today and went over pretty well. The third one was a bit more than they were ready for so we took it VERY slow...

Combo 2

Teaching Combo #2:

  1. Teach the split basic.
  2. Split basic, two alternating knees. Throw in the plyo whenever you feel comfortable.
  3. 4 L-steps, 4 karate kicks
  4. Double everything up: 2 split basics, 4 alt knees, one L-step, 2 karate kicks
  5. Cut the extras, there's your combo!

Combo #3

(Very, very similar to a combo given by Vita in her newsletter at Vita's Vibe -- October I believe. Thank you Vita!)

Reverse this combo by starting on the front side of the bench, facing the same wall you were facing the first time!

Teaching Combo #3:

  1. Start with kicks corner to corner. After a few iterations, change to:
  2. Kick (step on right, kick left) walk around the bench 6 steps starting with left foot that just kicked, then 2 charleston. Reverse/repeat for a total of 4 times.
  3. Kick, walk around 6 steps, 2 charleston, 2 turnsteps, repeater knee (with a tap down so there is no lead change). Reverse/repeat for a total of 4 times.
  4. Teach or demonstrate reverse turn.
  5. Slow (half-time) reverse turn, 2 over the tops - 4 times
  6. Stomp the bench 4 times to get the feel. Then: reverse turn, 2 over the tops , 2 stomps - 4 times
  7. 2 Knee repeater straddle down and march 2 (still straddling). Reverse and repeat, eventually changing the second march to a stomp
  8. Now, go back and add the reverse turn so you have: 2 knee repeater straddle down and stomp, slow reverse turn, 2 over the top, 2 turnsteps reverse/repeat
  9. By now, they know the meaty section, so I go ahead and put the whole thing together. If you still need another layer, you can go with: kicks corner to corner, charleston turnstep, 2 knee repeater straddle mambo, reverse turn over the top before you change kicks corner to corner to kick walk around.

Good luck and please email me or drop me comments and feedback! Love your opinions!

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