Holy Legs! its a quickie but a goodie

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 16448)

Hey Everyone!

Here is an awesome 15 - 20 min leg workout I did the other day! It's great!

You will need a mat and a set of ankle weights!

Put the ankle weights on and come on down to the floor for some fun!!

Start on your left side and do the following

Leg raises (legs are stacked on top of each other) Do 20, on the last one hold it up for a 10 seconds count. Do 20 more leg raises and hold the last one for a 10 seconds count

On the same side - Do a set of leg circles (pretend there is a big marker on your big toe and you need to make nice big circles!) do 10 in one direction then switch directions and do 10 the other way. Then do 10 the other way, and 10 the other way.

So basically you end up doing 20 circles in both directions.

NEXT (still on your left side) you are going to work the inner thigh. So the top leg is going to come out front and you will place your foot on the ground (knee bent).

With the bottom leg you are going to draw the alphabet! Using all CAPITAL letters! (this is awesome).

After you get to Z - do a set of inner thigh leg lifts, after you get 20 hold the last one up for a 10 seconds count. Do another set of 20 lifts holding the last one up for a 10 seconds count.

Draw the alphabet one more time! After you get through the ABC"S a second time do ONE MORE set of leg lifts 20 of them, with a 10 second hold!

OUCH! Ok now you are ready to switch sides! Do the same sequence!

Email me with any questions!

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