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This is a Step pattern from (pattern 16473)

Again, I have to thank the Youtube video posters: Leslie, Step Junkie, Koddetrien, and Megaman (interpreted by Pirate Paul, in his garage, in his sock feet). Thanks also to some written choregraphy that I borrowed. If you recognize your stuff, thanks so much.

Tap free, horizontal board, self-reversing. Email questions.

Combo I

Total 32

* Megaman move: side approach, step up right foot on bench (1), left foot replaces right (think &2), right foot stomps floor on north side (1), left foot stomps bench (1), right foot up on bench beside left (1), total 5 counts. Then since you are up there, just hanging around, do not move the right foot, but do a 3 knee repeater left knee and exit to the floor left and right.

** Cut the corner: step up right foot at west corner (1), swing left foot over bench (think glute extension) (1) exit to floor left and right (2). This is a full turn, you will end up on North side of bench, facing west. You started on Home side of bench, facing west.

Combo II

Total 32

* Koddetriens move: step knee at west corner (2), left foot steps on bench behind right (which is already on the bench) (1), do 3 switches left, right, left (3), straddle the bench right and left (2). The straddle will be right on a right lead and left on a left lead. Leslie also did a similar version of this move in one of her videos. Koddetrien I think actually call the 3 moves skis not switches, but I prefer switches.

** V-hop (borrowed from a recent post) step up right and left into a V (2), jack in (1), jack out (1) step in right foot toward center of bench, while lifting left knee (2), exit bench left and right (2).

Combo III

Total 32

* Option on the 2 knee repeater, taken off of a Youtube posting. Right foot on bench at west corner, take your first knee around end of bench to north side, then take the same knee back over the bench to the home side, exit left and right.

Combo IV

* Stomp on, stomp off (borrowed from a recent posting). Same foot strikes as a V Hangover. Done from the side right foot stomps the bench, left foot stomps the floor (2) right foot stomps the floor, left foot comes back in toward right (2). Think on, off, on, off. Can be done just like that, or take the on, off, on off around end of bench.

** V-cross chasse, is a 6 count move, also side approach, start with 1/2 V-hangover (2) right foot steps to floor, left foot steps out (2), chasse 2 counts back to bench

I hope that you understand this. It took a long time to write up, but if not, just email me.


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