Rock it up and switch it

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This one is fun! Intermediate/advanced, self-reversing, 32-count, horizontal bench, assume right lead, blah blah blah :-)

First, the moves ...

* Rock on top/floor: just do a regular rock on top of the bench (right/left/right 1-3) then step down and do one on the floor (left/right/left 4-6)

** Walk/mini pivot: walk toward left side of bench two steps (right/left 1-2), then "mini-pivot" on right foot on 3 back toward the bench, take another step left on 4 (you end up at the BACK of the bench)

*** Scissor slide: thanks to Carole P for this one! Basically, it's a regular scissor over (4 counts), but when you come down 3-4, you step out wide on 4 (with right foot in this case), then back to bench left/right 5-6, right crossing over left. (Carole's explanation on her Web site might be better ...)

**** Up and Switch: this move is tough to explain but I've seen several instructors use it ... it's more or less a repeater variation (changes leads). You step up-up left/right 1-2, left behind right, then "switch" with a quick hop so right is in front of left on 3, stomp floor in front of bench with left foot in 4, back up 5-6, down 7-8 (like a 1/2 revolve home).

***** Tango L-Shuffle: any "L" variation will work here as long as it's 8 counts and changes leads. This version: step up right on 1, immediately step on floor left on 2 (no knee like in a "normal" L), step back right on 3, step in place again left on 4 (rock back or tango), mambo forward-back right/left on 5-6, then shuffle (cha-cha) 7-8.

My base moves:

I start with first 16 counts (Rebecca Small-style). First sub in rocks for stomp the corners. Then change double knee to glute and march (to make 6). Change basic to walk and pivot, and make the glute a scissor (keep the march). Add the "slide" part to the scissor.

Second 16: Come up and hold on bench for six counts, then down-down 7-8. Then have them stomp the floor on count 4, down-down 7-8. Add in the switch. For my class, I was able to go right into the L variation.

Questions? email me!!

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