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A big hello from the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho! This is just to let anyone who also logs onto this site that there is one more country in the world where someone else looks for inspiration. My situation is one of a kind being a Reebok qualified Aerobic instructor where there's a huge following for Aerobics yet being qualified/certified is not the main point when it comes to teaching (it's a very long story so I won't explain further). My greatest challenge is that I have to address each class keeping in mind that there are always "absolute beginners". Every class that I teach has been based on building on the basics and I thought I should share this matrix which is the platform for my Hi-Lo lessons.






  • 4 Grapevines- 32 counts/beats
    2 Double grapevines (i.e. 2 right grapevines in direct succession & 2 left grapevines in direct succession) - 32 counts/beats
  • 3 Grapevines (1 right, 1 left, 1 right) & 1 jack - 32 counts/beats
    3 Grapevines (1 left, 1 right, 1 left) & 1 jack - 32 counts/beats
  • 1 Right grapevine (facing forward) & 1 left grapevine (facing back of the room) - 8 counts/beats
    1 Shuffle back to the starting position of the right Grapevine- 8 counts/beats
  • Leg/Ham Curl

    Heel Dig

    Basically, with each session/lesson I use one variation from each section to make up five 32-beat blocks for the 50 minute to 1 hour session. This enables me to make sure that the beginners get some fundamentals while the advanced participants (who are usually the minority) get some inspiration to play around and add dimensions to some established movements. There are a lot more variations based on these boxes which I'm sure you can use your imagination to adapt accordingly. I use the same principles when teaching/planning Step and other Group Training classes e.g. Spinning, Cross-Training, Aqua, etc... Please look to my other submission to turnstep.com for more details. I hope this has been of some value to some of you who have also provided guidance to me over time. Please feel free to contact me for comments/questions.

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    From: Maseru (Lesotho)
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