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Here is last night's class. I am so sore! :)

4 stations, one on each wall of the studio:

The class divided itself into four teams. Each team could start anywhere in the circuit, and after 90 seconds we all rotated clockwise to the next station.

First set of drills

Station 1 -- 4 pulse squats with one leg on BOSU and one leg on floor, propulsion over, 4 pulse squats with other leg on BOSU, propulsion over, etc.

Station 2 -- bicep curls with tubing

Station 3 -- oh, this one's a killer. Plank position, hands on floor, feet on disks. Walk across the length of the room with your hands, letting your feet just slide along on the disks. Get to the opposite wall, pick up the disks, run back to where you started and do it again. and again. and again... :)

Station 4 -- walking lunges across the studio with the body bar across the shoulders

After 90 seconds, everyone switched to the next station. We went through all four stations twice and then took a water break. While they jogged in place, I explained four new drills for the circuit...

Second set of drills

Station 1 -- hot lava... jump from BOSU to BOSU without touching the floor. At the end, run back to where they started and do it again. I set the BOSUs up so they were closer at the beginning of the drill and progressively got further and further apart.

Station 2 -- get a partner. Partner 1 wraps tube around Partner 2's waist and stands behind them, creating tension/resistance on the tube. Partner 2 has to attempt to jog across the room.

Station 3 -- side lunges using the disks

Station 4 -- jog in place holding a light body bar overhead and slightly in front of you

Again, 90 seconds at each station and then rotate. Once again, we did the whole circuit twice. The second time through, they worked with the same partner in Station 2 but switched places so everyone had a chance to run with resistance for 90 seconds.

Core work

After we stretched a little, we got mats and did 2 minutes of bicycles on the mats.

Then we all got into a low/forearm plank position and dropped the hips toward the floor. So left hip 2 counts down toward the floor, holding the nice strong plank, 2 counts back up, right hip 2 counts down, 2 counts up, etc... About a minute of that.

Then we all did a high plank and rotated into a side plank on each side. We held each side plank for 32 counts before going back to the high plank.

More stretching at the end.

That is all. :)

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