Wall squat variations

This is a Ball pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 16491)

Ok, just some variations on leg work using the fit ball and a wall.

Start with basic wall squats. Good cueing..down/up..down for 4 counts, hold for 4 counts, pulse for 4 counts than up for 4 counts. Repeat as many times till class groans than do 1 more set just to make sure they really feel it..(tip, keep all leg muscles locked on and tight throughout, no relaxing between reps)

Variation..balance on one leg than the other with the same sets i.e. up/down than the 4 count set.

Variation..balance with the lifted leg bent and that foot resting on standing knee..same sets again (tip, keep the bent leg parallel to floor i.e. knee out to side).

Wall lunges: 1 foot behind towards wall, 1 foot out in front..good cueing of alignment..this one really works when done very slowly..i.e 4 count down/up. Then the the 4 count down,hold,pulse,up set.

Variation on lunges..ball on floor at the wall. You are standing in front with back to the ball, 1 leg out behind you, bend knee and rest the top of foot on ball. Hop out till you have good knee alignment and perform lunges very slowly. This is more 4 advanced clients ..good for core and balance.

Any queries just email me.....lurve this site, Kathy

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