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I teach a class with step, floor, and some strength work using large muscle groups and targeting some of the smaller ones. We aim for a full body workout but the weights are light...usually more of a cardio boost than strength.

Warm Up



Narrow squat with weights at shoulders, shoulder press up as you come up. Level two - alternate knees up as well when you come up.



Bicep curls, standing with one knee lifted and held - curl with opposite arm to leg up. Level two - two weights in the curling hand, small dip or one leg squat with standing leg as you curl



Hold a lunge position, opposite hand of knee in front reaches down towards outside of front ankle and pulls back, elbow out to side (lawnmower pull) - turn shoulders into it. Level two - dip down into front leg as you reach forward


--Simple but make it big!


Usually just use grapevines & alternating hams or kicks, to step touches to ankle touches to cool it down. Some leg stretches since we used a lot of legs.

Strength & Abs

Lie on floor on mat - hands straight up holding weights, feet on floor. Bend elbows, bringing hands towards the head for tricep work. Level Two - as arms come down, extend legs out, lower back into the floor. Another option is simply lifting one leg off the floor at a time. To make the triceps constant, instead of arms straight up, upper arm can come forward towards top of head.

Still lying on floor, dumbbell flyes but work the bottom of the motion - down near floor, halfway up, and back down...then alternate this with full flye.

Bridge - place weights on abdomen, ensure straight line from knees to between shoulder blades (no pressure on neck). Drop butt down and raise up & hold. Level two - knees together, hold butt up and alternate leg extensions.


* Half V: long side of step on your left side, do a V-step where the first step is your left foot on the step, then right foot wide on the floor, and then step both feet back to start (just V-step sideways, only the first step actually on the step)

** Walking L-step: 5 counts instead of 8. Going to the left side... Step right foot on the left side of the step, left foot on the floor off the left small end, step right foot back on the step, and left foot comes back behind the step, then right.

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