This is a Body Sculpting pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 16497)

Warm up

Air squats on the wall with a ball
~Singles, down 2 up 2, down 3 up 1, down 1 up 3, down and pulse for 3, down and pulse for 7, down and pulse for 32! (i usually will switch from singles to 2 counts then 3 counts then back to singles etc...)

6-way lunges
~Front lunges, right leg lunges to right corner, left leg lunges to left corner. Backward lunges, right leg lunges to back right corner, left leg lunges to back left corner.

---bring it down to the mat---

Clam series
~side-laying, knees bent (heels close to glutes) lift and lower knees while keeping feet together. Keep doing this until PAIN. Then lift the knees off the ground and open and close legs. You can also then bring the knees back down but lift the feet off the ground and open and close.

Leg lifts
~point while lifting, flex while lowering. At the end pulse the leg at the top until you can stand it. At this point you can also do little leg circles forward and back.

Inner thigh leg lifts
~Side laying, top leg bent at 90 degrees. Bottom leg pulses up and down

Bicep curls
~Regular curls, hammer curls

Tricep kickbacks

~Overhead press, side and front raises
Shoulder shrugs

---back down to the mat---

Flutter kicks



Side crunches

Pilates 100
~laying on you back, lift your head and neck. Legs can come straight up or at 45 degrees for more advanced. Flutter your legs while pulsing your arms. You should stay here kicking and pulsing for at least the amount of time it takes to count to 100. Core should stay very strong and pull the belly button into the spine.


This is about a 1 hour class

Any questions? Feel free to email me!


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