Self-Reversing Intermediate 32 count. Tapless

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 16500)

All moves assume right lead. Counts are given in parentheses next to each move. I'll try and expain the moves as best I can, but please email me if you have questions. Thanks to all who have posted patterns here! Many of these moves have come from you!!

All explanations assume right lead:

* Two- knee pony rock: start with a 2 knee repeater, on count 5, as the left foot comes back to the floor after the second knee, pony down/up/down (left/right/left) to a quick 5&6 count, then rock (or mambo) back with the right foot (count 7-8)

** Waltz/straddle/stomp: stomp the west corner of the step with the right foot (count 1), step up with the left foot behind the right (count 2), stomp with the right foot still on step (count3), step down to the floor with the left foot (count 4), on count 5, step the right foot down in front of the step (north side) which will leave you straddling the step facing west, stomp the left foot on the NW corner of the step (count 6), exit right/left on the north side of step (counts 7-8).

The base move for this would be a double stomp/straddle/single stomp. I usually start them out with a double/single stomp to the corners, then take them "around the world" with it by adding the straddle in between the double and single stomps. You can then show them the "waltz" option instead of the double stomp.

*** Shuffle stroll: with a quick 1&2 count, shuffle down the step right/left/right, take two steps on the floor left/right (counts 3-4), pivot left (counts 5-6), take two steps on the floor left/right (counts 7-8). Basically, you shuffle down the step, walk away from the step, pivot, and walk back to the step. Now, you're on the left.

Hope you all enjoy! Email me with any questions!

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