Five Wed Night tapless combos

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Here are the combos I'm teaching tonight. Everything is 32 count and self-reversing. I got bits of two of these combos from, so thanks very much for the inspiration!

Combo 1 (easy warmup)

Combo 2

Combo 3

Combo 4

Combo 5


* "L-box (8)": on right lead: step knee forward and exit to the left side of the bench, like an L-step; then step on the left leg and bring up the right knee (all of that is 4). Step your right leg on the board and cross your left leg over in a box step, then step backward, right foot first, to exit (4). If you do several in a row, you'll lead with the same foot over and over again.

** "Glide (4)": right foot on the board, facing the left side (not the front) of the room. Left leg swings behind you in a glute squeeze, and you'll go over the top of the board. Exit left, then step right to complete the move. It will feel like this: step, glute squeeze behind, walk, walk. I call this a glide but I've heard it called other things.

*** "2-knee push (8)": repeater variation: step double knee; third knee of repeater becomes an over the top. To make it tapless, immediately switch feet, so if you do several in a row, you'll lead with the same foot over and over again.

Email me if something is confusing and I will do my best to answer! Hope you find these combos helpful.

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From: Jay, Maine (USA)
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