Stomp-Pivot-Slice (Intermed/Adv) from Jacque

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32 counts; reversing; tapfree. Horizontal board. For an intermediate group, leave out the final layers. For a mixed skill-level group, give the final layers as options.

*As you stomp the west end with the right foot, begin turning to your left so that you are facing west on count 2. Step toward the southwest corner of the room on count 3 and pivot. Finish the pivot on count 4.

**'Slice' = this is simply a side leg that goes forward over the board on a slight diagonal. You are still facing the front of the room after you exit.

***'Rock-down' aka: 'chug'. I've started cueing 'rock-down' because it's more descriptive. From the top: rock down left, up right, up left, rock down right, up left, up right, exit left,right turning to face front.

**** I chose to use: Step-kick-ball-change-kick (6)


Part 1 Base = 3-knee repeater + 2 alternating kicks (filler) = (16)
1. Repeater becomes 2 stomps + 1 knee
2. This becomes a mambo + side leg
3. Demo taking mambo off the end and swinging home on the side leg
4. Demo the stomp-pivot off the end as an option for the mambo.

Part 2 Base = 2 basics + 3-curl repeater = (16)
5. Demo up, up rock-down (stepping backwards to rock-down) 2 x's, exit + 2-hamcurl repeater.
6. Add a stomp before the 'up, up' and change the 2-curl repeater to a single hamcurl.
7. Demo reversing up after the stomp and facing back of room to rock-down.

Combine Parts 1 & 2:
8. Stomp-pivot or mambo off the end (4) + swing home on side leg (4) + stomp & reverse up (4) + rock-down from the top 2x's, exit to face front (8) + add 2 alternating 2-curl repeaters (12). (32)

Final Layers:
9. Demo going over the board on the side leg, pivot while they stomp, and go up on a diagonal while they reverse up. You're now back with the class for rocking-down.
10. Give an option for the 2 alternating 2-hamcurl repeaters. I used 'step-kick-ball-change-kick'.

Feel free to email me with questions.


Added by Jacque Melear at 2:39 PM on Friday, November 2, 2007 EST. Add to favorites (view favorites)
From: Fort Collins, Colorado (USA)
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