Tap-free for Autumn

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 16666)

I always begin with a right lead. This is an intermediate routine.

You are now ready to go on the left leg. Enjoy!

* Reverse home is just what it says. You have just straddled your step, facing east- right, left. Step up on the step right, left (1,2)- as you do so, you turn to face the back wall. Exit down right, left (3,4) completing the turn to face front again. You are still on a right lead.

** From a left lead: step on the step left (1), right foot comes to the step (2) as the left foot tics out to the side, left foot back to the step (3) as the right foot tocs out to the side. Exit down right (4), left (5), mambo right (6) (I usually do this on the floor, cueing the exit and this mambo as "walk away and mambo right", face the front again left, right (7,8). It then flows to the next step, which i usually cue saying "come back and mambo left" on the step (1) rock back right (2), cha-cha-cha on the floor left-right-left (3-&-4).

Thanks for all the great entries! Keep it up! ~karen

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