Pilates & Floor Workout

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Pilates is designed to promote a balanced musculoskeletal system, resulting in core strength, flexibility, good posture, and improved body awareness.

Our focus is on breathing, head and neck alignment, scapula positioning, and ribcage and pelvic movement.

Warm Up

Core Work

Half-roll - Sit up straight, extend arms forward, palms up. Inhale rolling half way down, Exhale as you come up to the top extending arms forward. Repeat 10x

Roll-up - From the floor, extend arms at sides. Inhale lift chin, chest and shoulders off mat. Exhale as you lower back to the floor. Repeat 10x

Side reach - Bend knees, heels directly behind glutes. Inhale lifting chest, shoulders, exhale extend fingers to pinky toe on right side. Repeat 10x, switch sides.

Hundreds - Bend knees, extend arms to sides. Inhale 5 counts pumping palms up; exhale 5 counts pressing palms down. Repeat 10x for total of 100.

Single leg extension - Bend left knee, extend right leg to floor. Inhale lifting chest off mat, holding at bent knee with both hands, pump twice, and switch legs. Practice inhale, exhale breathing.

Yoga sit-ups - Extend both legs to floor. Hands behind head, light clasp of fingers. Position right heel into the cradle of your left toes. Inhale as you pull your belly button to the floor. Exhale lifting the chest. Inhale back to the floor. Repeat 10x. Switch feet.

Full roll-up - (advanced) - Extend legs and arms fully. Inhale lift arms over shoulders, exhale lift chest off mat, inhale scoop forward through legs, inhale back to the floor. Repeat 4x.

Roll like a ball - Bring knees to the chest, wrap arms around. Inhale lifting chin to chest, exhale lift shoulders and roll across spine for 1, 2, and up to heels on 3.

Shell stretch - Drop to knees, tuck chin, push hips in heels, extending arms forward. Relax and breath into the stretch.

Spine extension - Come up to hands and knees. Shoulders dropped, neck/head in neutral alignment. Inhale pulling the belly button into the spine. Exhale, extend the right leg with pointed toe and the left arm. Extend through the spine, squeezing the glutes. Hold. Inhale bringing leg and arm to center, exhale as you repeat 10x, switch sides for 10x.

Hamstring lifts - Drop elbows to mat, directly below shoulders. Inhale pulling belly button to spine, head into neutral alignment. Exhale lifting right leg, bending at the knee, flexing the foot. Inhale/exhale as you press foot to ceiling 10x. Repeat on other leg.

Side-series (legs) - Turn onto side. Stack hips, extend bottom arm resting head on the arm, knees are bent. Extend top arm for balance/support. Inhale pulling belly button to spine. Exhale keeping feet stacked, opening at the knee only - squeeze the glutes/outer thigh. Repeat 10x.

Same position, now lift the foot keeping it parallel with the knee. Repeat 10x

Same position, now hold the leg up and just drop the knee to touch the bottom knee. Repeat 10x.

Same position, now extend the top leg. Lift and lower. Repeat 10x

Same position, now start with leg extended, then bring knee into chest with toes pointed, then press away with flexed foot. Repeat 10x

Glute bridges - Turn onto back (supine). Knees bent, heels tracking directly behind glutes. Inhale bring belly button to spine, exhale lifting hips. Weight distributed between heels and shoulders. Lift and lower as you inhale/exhale. Repeat 10x, then walk knees and toes together. Repeat movement 10x. Walk knees and toes out to starting position, repeat final 10x.

Turn onto opposite side and repeat side series.

Glute stretch (hip extensors) - Sit up tall, resting on sits bones. Extend legs out in front. Cross right leg over left knee. Wrap left arm around the knee and gently pull knee toward chest, turning body and head in the opposite direction of the bent knee. Hold 15 seconds, repeat on the other side.

Push-ups - Go back to hands and knees. Move hands to outside of mat. Fingers forward. Inhale pulling belly button to spine and dropping hips. Exhale lower chest into push up. Inhale up to start. Repeat 10x.

Pilates push-ups - Same as above, but walk hands to inside of mat. Elbows drop below shoulder and in the push up position the elbows drive straight back. Repeat 10x.

Tricep push ups - Turn on side, stacking hips and lowering to floor. Wrap bottom arm around the rib cage. Place top arm with fingers forward on the mat. Inhale pulling belly button to spine, exhale lifting upper body off mat, using the triceps. Repeat 10x. Switch sides.

Stretch - Sit up with legs crossed or extended. Inhale bringing hands above head. Exhale fully through the mouth. Inhale up again, exhale dropping one hand between shoulder blades, stretching the triceps. Repeat on other side.

Shoulder rolls - Inhale and exhale rolling shoulders all the way up the ears and back. Full shoulder rolls. Cross one arm in front of body, providing resistance at elbow for a deeper stretch. Switch sides.

Push forward to heels, slowly lift from the hips coming up one verterbrae at a time, head comes last. Deep inhale through the nose, bring hands up over head. Full exhale through the mouth, lowering hands to sides.

Have a wonderful day.

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