30 Minute Aqua Cardio Combo

This is an Aquatic pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 16669)

I teach to step music, usually 132 bpm. Of course I always provide the option to go at one's own pace and options for intensity level.

The finished product:

Build and layer into each line of moves. When they have learned one line as written, take it back to the first line of moves then connect each line together before beginning to build into the next set of moves. This took up about 30 minutes of class time; afterward I had time for about 15 minutes of strength training and ab work before the final cool down and stretch.

Toe touches = double time straight leg kicks to the front, reaching right hand toward left foot and vice versa

Pikes = imagine sitting in a chair, extend hands straight out in front of you like a zombie. Extend legs out and kick up to meet the hands. Variations could be Russian kicks or dolphin kicks.

Flashers = imagine sitting in a chair doing leg abduction. External rotation is a complimentary upper body movement reminding me of a flasher.

V-kicks = same as pikes but with feet out diagonally like a V.

Touch feet front & back = touch the insole of the right foot with left hand, then left foot with right hand, then repeat that behind the back.

Jacks side & center = one jack to the left side of pool, one jack to the front, one jack to the right side of pool, one jack to the front, etc.

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From: Arnold, Missouri (USA)
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