Spin Fun

This is a Cycling pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 16670)

Here's a fun idea I try to use in each of my classes - Get the class involved by having them do something out of the ordinary for a song - Like DANCE!

I have used CARWASH before and had everyone pretend they were washing a car when the chorus of the song came on - everyone had a lot of fun doing this- sprint the remainder of the song and dance on the chorus

- Also, Kung- Fu fighting is a great song to pretend your kung-fuing on in the chorus - sprint the rest of the song

- I've also used the hustle- My class loves it - it gives them a little break and helps them concentrate on sprinting and allows them for a mental break and to laugh during class! They love it! (most of the time) and if someone doesn't dance they hover for the rest of the song! Ha!

Also- a great idea is to let them have one song in the workout to do what they want- go on a scenic tour to wherever and concentrate- have them close their eyes and really feel like they are in that place!!!! They love that as well...

Thanks for everyone for posting great ideas!

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