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Hi ladies, I was searching for a Pre-Natal workout on Turnstep tonight so I could sub a class, but I could only find one. If you happen to have a class outline on your computer please post it! Here is an outline of what I came up with for tonight's class:

(Written with Prenatal Workout guidelines in mind.)

Music Speed of 130-135:

Keeping movements slow, controlled, and comfortable, gradually increase ROM. Emphasize dynamic stretches for low back, pecs, hip flexors, calves, hamstrings, shoulders.

Avoid jerky movements and quick changes in direction, and complicated choreography. Hydration is KEY!!!! Offer tons of water breaks.

Alignment check:

15 minutes of cardio:

Heart rate on wrist: age 20: 140-155, age 40 125-140.
Borgs scale of perceived exertion: 12-14

Set 1: Lunges, wide plie, power walk around room

Set 2: Push ups against wall, calf raises against wall, holding abs tight and raising foot up in front and lowering, leg extention behind, power walk around room.

Set 3: Shoulder raises front and side, biceps, triceps, power walk around room

Heart rate on wrist: age 20: 140-155, age 40 125-140.
Borgs scale of perceived exertion: 12-14

Set 4: 1 Arm row (1 hand on ball), tricep extension, power walk

Set 5: Squats, standing obliques*

Set 6: On ball, pelvic tilts, sit ups, kegels

Set 7: On mat: glute kickback, cat stretch, bird dog hold

Stretches: sitting on step, one leg crossing over. Reach for hamstrings. Head tilt side to side. Triceps, biceps

Final stretches standing focus on low back, calves, outer hip, hip flexors, pecs.

* Obliques: Supporting one hand on the wall, raise and lower knee to side of body to reach to elbow, up 2 down 2 (hand on back of head), then pulses.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions!

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From: Kingston, Ontario (Canada)
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