Hopscotch Hips by Jacque

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 16678)

This is an intermediate/advanced pattern, although many beginners should be able to do everything through step #7 in the breakdown progression. Steps 8-11 can be emphasized as optional.

32 counts; reversing; horizontal board.

*On third curl weave left leg behind right, give a little hop and exit at East end facing front.

**Lateral jazz square from Eest end = cross left over right, step wide with right, step left slightly back, cross right over left. I cue it: 'cross, step, step, cross'. Everything happens on the floor.

***As you finish exiting the board from the knee-weave, walk toward the back of the room. Then step again toward back of room for the pivot, which brings you to face front. On the final count, you will step toward the board.

Breakdown progression:

  1. Base Part 1 = 3-hamcurl repeater in center of board facing front + 2 basics.
  2. Replace the repeater: 3 alternating hamcurls on top of board + exit at home position.
  3. Replace the 2 basics: double stomp at home position + march 4 on floor.
  4. Add: Base Part 2 = corner knee + 1 basic + 3-knee repeater in center of board facing front.
  5. Demo directional change: show the exit off the end on the third curl + double stomp on the end + march 4 in place. Come back to your class by exiting to home position on the knee. Finish with the basic + 3-knee repeater.
  6. Demo the lateral jazz square as an option to the 4 marches in place.
  7. Replace the knee + 1 basic: come back to the home position with a chassè on the floor + 2 alternating single stomps on the board. Finish with the 3-knee repeater in center of board.
  8. Change the 3-knee repeater: stomp-knee + march 4 on floor.
  9. Demo directional change: chassè on top of the board + rock down toward front of room while they are stomping the board at the home position. While they do the stomp-knee, you exit to face the back of the room followed by a knee-weave over to join them on the 4 marches.
  10. Demo optional pivot on the final 2 marches: as you finish coming out of the knee-weave, turn to face the back of the room, then walk toward the back of the room to pivot-turn on the final 2 counts.
  11. Highly optional - only for the turning-divas in class: demo a back-hopturn over the board on the knee-weave over. With a right lead, this will be counter-clockwise which is a continuation of the turn during your exit to face the back of the room. Exit walking toward back of the room like before. Your pivot will be clockwise.

Feel free to email me with questions!

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