Fall 2007 Step (advanced, tap free)

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 16632)

Hi all. Here is my latest. I have used several variations on the repeater that I took from Youtube, thanks to Leslie. I am using a full turnstep that I borrowed from Carole Paradise and am re-using a great box step that I took from Koddetrien. Thanks to all who either write or video and share with us. I decided to go back to the 64 for these 3 combo's, and as usual Tap free. Enjoy and email questions.

Combo I

Total 64

* Reverse pivot - Broadway. Instead of just doing a usual Broadway knee on bench, knee on floor facing away from bench, I simply added a reverse pivot so that we end up on the North side of the bench. Right foot on bench, reverse pivot counter clockwise to North side (4), step forward on floor with left foot, lift right knee (2), walk, walk back to bench right and left (2)

** Spin is a 360 degree pivot, from straddle position (or not), put right foot on bench, and pivot completely around (no taps) so that you end up on the opposite side of the bench with a lead change.

*** Full turn - got this from Carole it's a great way to teach a tap free turnstep. Step right and left, starting a turnstep (2), counts 3, 4 and 5 all take place on the floor, complete your revolution by stepping down onto the floor with the right foot, use then use the left and right to get yourself back toward the bench. In itself this would be a lead changer, but I use a stomp with the left foot to fill my 8 and take me back to my original lead.

Repeaters taken from Leslie's Youtube videos

A - I call this a repeater touch down for lack of something better. Do a 2 knee repeater, right foot on bench, use left knee, then simply touch the step with the left foot behind the right, then lift that knee back up and exit to the floor left and right. It's a lead changer as are all repeaters.

B - Repeater 2 rock on top. Again a 2 knee repeater right foot on bench lift left knee, then rock on top of the step left, and right (2), exit to the floor (or straddle).

C - 2 kick repeater walk, walk. Right foot on bench 2 kick repeater with left foot, step back 2 left and right and floor, walk forward 2 left and right on floor.

Combo II

Total 64

* Walk bench, rock back, march, march. Step up right and left onto the bench, exit on North side (4) rock back onto the bench right foot (2), walk walk on floor right and left (2). Then proceed to V-steps.

D Repeater Swing - again a move from Leslie (my name). Step up right, lift left knee (2), left foot to floor at small end a la L-step (1), swing left foot behind bench on the floor toward your right arm touching floor (1), swing left foot back toward left arm, touching floor (1)lift left knee (1), exit left and right home (2)

Combo III

Total 64

* 1/2 Reverse turn, step up right and left facing back wall (2) stomp floor rigt foot 2 times (4), step back up onto the bench right and left (2). With this move you finish ON TOP OF THE BENCH, ready to do 3 alternating back lunges.

** Koddentriens box step, step up right foot on bench, do a left leg extension (2), step down on front side of bench left and right (2). Step back up on to the bench with the left foot and do a right leg extension (2), exit home right and left (2). Be careful this is a blind move on the the return - not for all classes.

*** Turn straddle cross mambo, after you turn straddle, stimply cross the right foot over the bench and mambo on floor in front of left foot.

**** Stomp around the world, stomp straddle, stomp exit, stomp straddle, stomp exit (12)

***** Shuffle stroll, start like a shuffle turn (don't turn) but walk walk on floor instead, then do a mambo pivot back to bench (will change leads)

Thanks again to all who share. Enjoy and email questions.


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