Tone them abs and arms

This is a Ball pattern from (pattern 16644)

Ok, for the upper body...

Laying supine on ball..only head and shoulders on ball..cue in for tight core, keep glutes tight and hips up, you know the drill..

Medium weights in hands, 8x chest presses straight to 8x chest flys straight to 8x skissor arms..repeat again..
Place both weights in 1 hand (or drop 1 of the dumbells)
Same moves as before so both arms do the action only 1 hand has 1 set than swap weights to other hand..KEEP CUEING THROUGHOUT
Then swap back to first hand and slow the moves right 3 down 1 up or 4 down,4 up SWAP..

Now for some ab work..

Laying on floor, ball gripped between feet resting on the ground. THIS IS AN ADVANCED MOVE DONE SLOWLY..4/4 count
1234..raise ball off ground about 10 cm the same time as lifting upper body on to elbows..
5678.. roll the ball over your right foot with your left foot
9 10 11 12..roll ballback to center
13 14 15 16..roll ball over left foot with your right foot
17 18 19 20..roll back to center
21 22 23 24..SLOWLY lower down to start position
Have a rest and repeat again..class will groan..important to cue all the proper technique and breathing with this routine

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