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My class actually named this. I have been using this site for a few years and I felt it was my time to give back. So here it is:

  • Run 2 laps around the track. Then right side shuffle around the track once then switch left once and then walking side squats (I meet them half way to switch lead legs).
  • Next balance on one leg holding weights (their choice how heavy) back kick while extending weights in front of you 1 minute swich to other leg one minute.
  • Burpees - 1 minute
  • Flyes on the bench 3 sets of 10.
  • Back to the track where they jog a lap-sprint a lap- jog-backpedal-jog-power knees and end with a walk.
  • Now we headed to the gym:
  • Suicides with body bars overhead - 2 minutes
  • Inchworms (thanks turnstep) to the end of the gym.
  • Crab walk to the end of the gym.
  • 17's for 1 minute (I have a guy who teaches private basketball lessons and he gave me this one) on your basketbal court side lines they run the white lines for 17 runs in 1 minute. I haven't had anyone get 17 but a few have reached 16.
  • Back upstairs:
  • 100 Bicep curls
  • Tricep dips on bench - 1 minute
  • Mountain climbers - 1 minute
  • Push ups - 1 minute
  • March up and down on step holding heavy weights 1 minute
  • On the bench up up down down jack jack 1 minute
  • Jacks - 1 minute
  • Ali jacks - 1 minute (thanks turnstep)
  • To the stairs for calf raises
  • Squats holding heavy weights 10 single 10 pulse 10 singl 10 with a hold 10 single 50 double time
  • Cross over lunge with hammer curl
  • Hope this is understandable let me know if you need any further explanation. Lynn

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