How Do You Get To The Other Side?

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It has been a very long time since I shared. Thanks to all for the ideas! This was so much fun, just insert it in any ol' class!

Set Up: (Front)
I          N              I
I                         I
I       W      E          I
I                         I
I          S              I
(Steps)                 (Steps)

I started with all my students in the center of the room. Warmed up, and followed into a 32 count Hi/Lo combo for a couple of rounds. Then, have half the students go to one side and the other half go to the other side. (You'll have to make sure the students with more risers are opposite each other)

Use very basic step moves on the benches because BPM will most likely be higher then normal. Students will be facing West and East. I had slips of paper in a jar that each student would get a chance to draw.

Stick n' moves
Platypus walk, etc...

O.K. Heres how it went down...After a couple times through on the Hi/Lo pattern, I sent them to the step. We started with right basics, I had someone draw from the jar, and asked them "How do we get to the other side?" I made them yell what they drew! They then shuffled, lunged, squatted, etc... to the other side (be careful), and then have them hold on the other step for left basics. Repeat as many times as you see fit (I did about four rounds). Then I had the class come back to the middle to repeat our Hi/Lo Combo a couple more times, then back to the steps for more! Etc, etc, etc...

Examples for basic step moves:
Split basics
Knees corner to corner
Alternating toe taps

Very Fun!!!
Email with questions or similar ideas (I love this way to teach!)!

Thanks all -K-

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