Boot Camp 15

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This is a 60 minute Boot Camp class. Feel free to email me if you have any questions!


Set 1:

A. Each participant has a step with 2 risers under each end:

Repeat sequence for 2 minutes.

B. 8 double pulse lunges followed by 8 single lunges per leg. 3 sets!!

Repeat A and B section 2 more times. For the other two times, I left the A section the same but changed the B section the following way: second time through: squats with one foot up on the bench. 8 full range, 8 pulse-both legs-3 sets. Third time through: Monster Walk two laps around the room.

Monster walk: Low squat position. Legs wide apart. Butt out. Hands behind head. Walking in an up/down motion.

C. Biceps

Set 2:

A. 1/2 the class-add an additional riser under each end for a total of 3. The other half of the class, leave theirs with 2 under each end.

3 risers: Jump squats with one foot on the bench. Make sure they are getting air under both feet, and they are landing in a squatted position with soft knees. 25 per leg.

2 risers: Foot Work-go until the other group is done with their 25 per leg.


B. 2 laps of lunges around the room.

Repeat A and B sections 2 more times. I changed the B section the following way for the remaining two times: second time through: 5 laps of jogging around the room. Third time through: 2 laps of side squats around the room.

C. Triceps

Set 3: (put benches away before you start this set)

A. Everyone stands at one end of the room.

10 seconds quick feet-narrow. Sprint to the other end of the room. Immediately start with quick feet-wide at the other end of the room for 10 seconds. Sprint back.

1 Suicide

B. 25 squats-any kind-regular, plie or skiiers.

Repeat sections A and B two more times.

C. Shoulders

Finale: Elastic bands around ankles. 4 laps around the room:

Knees up, hamstring curls, knees up, hamstring curls


Good stretch and cool down


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