Tif's Fun with Squats

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 16615)

I'm going to take less time on this one but if you have questions I will respond. It just takes a while to write everything out. I always start right lead and all of my combos are reversible and tapless. Here's a combo I made up back in May of '06.

Start with right foot on bench facing left. The two squats just go to the beat squat one (1,2) squat 2 (3,4)

Right leg stays on bench just use your right foot to step up (1), left up (2) right on floor left on floor (3,4)

Right up mambo turn to left (1,2) now you should be facing the bench on the left end (the bench is to your right) rock back (3,4), right foot back up on bench mambo turn back to front (5,6) and rock back (7,8)

Rocking horse is one defined on turnstep I believe, a reverse rocker just turns that rocking horse back. Right up ham curl and hop over bench similar to a scizzor. It goes right up hop back (1,2) left down on floor on other side of bench (3), lift right knee (4), right on bench hop back to front (back leg always coming over center of bench) (5,6) walk walk (7,8) lead changes to other foot.

I always teach this starting with corner to corner taps. The counts for this are & 1 2 3 4 & 5 6 7 8. Starting left lead since that's how it is in this combo. & left foot up on bench, 1 right foot stomps on floor, 2 left steps down on bench heading back to center, 3,4 right, left walk walk to other side, & right foot on bench, 5 left stomps on floor, 6 on bench, 7,8 left/right.

Should be ready to do the same on the other side. If you need any break down ideas on these just let me know.

Thanks for being interested. I didn't take as much time with this so I really hope it made sense.

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