"Mix-It-Up" Hi-Lo

This is a Hi/Lo pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 16625)

This aerobics choreography is sure to keep your class challenged from both cardiovascular and mental standpoints. The class has (3) 32 blocks with favorite moves from salsa, kick-boxing and traditional step and high-low classes and uses low, high and plyometric elements to keep the body moving. There are plenty of options for your participants to customize the workout to their level, as well as fun directional changes that you can add as you progress with the choreography. I usually teach a certain class for 4 weeks and by the end of the run the class is taking the moves in circles, from front to back and around the room! It makes them feel great to increase their skill and coordination and then to apply it to new choreography. After you have taught the 3 blocks and done on each side, be sure to do each block on the right and then each on the left. It should tapless and will run through 6 times before you go into (upper body) sculpting. I have not included a breakdown, which can be tricky...but if you take each block and break in half it will flow/add on pretty easily. I have inluded what I am currently doing post-cardio as well. It is a goo allover workout and great for all levels! I hope you enjoy! Email if you have questions...

Block 1:

Repeat other side

Block 2:

Repeat other side

Block 3:

Repeat other side

Upper Body segment (5 minutes):

Use 3-5-8 pound dumbbells. Run through 2-3 times


I. Basic crunch with emphasis on fundamentals and controlled lifting. Play with tempo (singles, up2/down2/; up3/down1; up4/down4; pulsing)

II. Obliques
A. Lift straight up with knees to the right"then repeat to the left
B. Side plank left "then- split feet and lower/raise trunk
C. Side plank right- trunk raises other side

III. V-sits

IV. Leg raises
Place legs at 90 degree angle to trunk with soles of shoes to the ceiling. Contract quads and trunk as you lower legs while keeping your lower back into the mat. Once the back lifts, you have met your limit. Stop there and bring knees to abs slowly. Once there, extend back to starting and go again by cue. Make this a fluid movement.

V. Prone back extensions / opposite arm/leg lifts

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