Sebastian Piatek Inspired #2 from Jacque

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Thank-you to Sebastian Piatek for the inspiration for another excellent combo my class really loved! Someday I hope to attend one of his workshops in person. Here is the YouTube clip of him:

I only did the first 24 counts however, & used a different 8 count to finish off. (He finishes this combo with one foot on the board & I haven't quite figured out a progression for it *yet* LOL)

32 counts; reversing; tapfree. All turns/spins are optional.

PROGRESSION: (Updated 7/15/08 -- refined Part 2 after returning from the IDEA World Conference):

Base Part 1 = 3-knee repeater + 2 alternating hamcurls
1. Change repeater to "knee-lunge-knee"
2. Go off the ends as in an L-step
3. Change curls to 2 alternating floor mambo-cha-chas
4. Change second knee to a side-leg with arms slicing straight out to the side, parallel to floor

Add Base Part 2 = single stomps corner to corner, march 4 + double stomp, single stomp
1. Bring rear foot to top of board on double stomps (becomes a "tango-on-top")
2. Take the final single stomp to the floor
3. Demo an optional floor pivot on the final stomp
Note: This is the biggest & trickiest change & I don't always use it with every group. (See below for "Plan B")
4. Demo the change on the second mambo-cha-cha: march in place on the mambo, then cha-cha on the floor as before.
5. Now demo walking to the end of the board instead of marching in place, and cha-cha on top of the board. The corner-corner stomps become alternating rock-downs from the top counts 1-4. Then march on floor counts 5-8 around the end in a jazz-square pattern and join them for the tango on top.
6. Demo spinning to the end prior to the cha-cha on top.
7. Demo the stomp back up to the step on count 5 and emphasize it.
8. Demo stomping into a leap with overhead arms on count 5.

Plan B:
4. Do not change the alternating floor mambos or the single stomps corner-corner. On the 4 floor marches do a full 360 turn and go right into the tango-on-top.

Feel free to email me with questions.


P.S. This pattern will be my first choreography submission on YouTube soon. Will post a link on the MOVES board when it's up.

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