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I started teaching a Fitball class and here is one format that I do: Of course my class is in a gym so I have plenty of room!

5 minutes: I have them run around the gym bouncing their stability ball, alternating hands.

10 minutes: Cardio moves: side steps, high knees, ham curls, squats to the beat of the music, grapevines, etc. Really anything that gets them moving and heart rates up!

10 minutes: Arm exercises with weights: Bicep curls, shoulder lateral raises, shoulder press, tricep extensions, chest press and flys, up rows, etc.

15 minutes: Partner work!!! They love this!!!
I have the partner up and do these different stations:
- Throw one ball back and forth to eachother, no bounce
- Throw the ball back and forth with a bounce... as hard as they can, get them to really use their arms and stretch their backs.
- Stand facing one wall, and throw the ball sideways, using their obliques, and then switch sides
- while one partner does wall sits with the ball, one partner is either running suicides while holding the ball over their head, or running lines while doing football shuffles or grapevines. Also lunges are great for this section! Once their partner has finished one set of lines, they switch. You can make it a competition.

10 minutes: Leg work: Leg extensions, leg curls, lunges, etc.

10 minutes: abs and stretching.

I hope this helps getting your creativity flowing!

Email me if you have any questions or need more ideas.

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