Awesome lower ABS Incline

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I came on this website to find some new abs Ideas, and noticed not many have been added since my don't spill the juice planks in 2006, so here is one of my favorites in the 30 min ABS class I teach.

This workout similates the incline leg lifts you do at the gym. you can also do them without the step, and no incline for a less difficult version, or if you don't have one. :)

-You need a step with 2 risers.
A mat on your step will make this more comfortable

-Put 2 risers underneath one end and leave the 2 off the other end.

-Sit on the end with no risers, lay down with with your head on the inclined end.

-Put your hands behind your head, grab the step behind you for balance.

Legs straight out about 2 feet off the floor,
1-raise legs up in 4 counts (lifting butt on fourth count)
2-lower legs for 4 counts
(do 8 sets)

3-Shorten to 2 counts up (still lifting butt on second count now)
4-lower legs 2 counts
(8 sets)

After last set, hold legs straight up in a 90 degree ankle with body, and lift your butt. Try not to swing legs. keep them still and just lift.
(do 8 sets of 8)

Let me know if it burns your lower abs.

P.S. for fun, you can add flutter kicks, hello dollys or bicycles.

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From: Utah (USA)
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