The 2008 PowerSculpting Challenge

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from (pattern 16772)

Here's a good way to get your class re-motivated for the new Spring Season.

Directions & Rules

Participants are divided up evenly into 2 teams. If there is an odd number of participants, one volunteer will work for "both teams", meaning his/her score will be evenly divided between both groups for fairness. You will choose a partner and write YOUR name in the bottom, left hand corner of the Score Sheet. Fill out the information on the top portion.

After a 3 minute warm-up, 2 minutes will be alloted for each exercise. Tally up the totals for your teammate's score (count reps and add amount of weight lifted). Listen for the Instructor's Cues. There is a 30 second rest between each exercise. The first two exercises are Push Ups and Sit Ups/Plank. Both are only scored under "Reps". If Plank is chosen, the position (knees or toes) must be held for the entire 2 minutes and only 15 points are granted. (Sit Ups allow you one point for each rep).

After the first group finishes, you will perform and they will tally your numbers. The team with the highest numbers wins.

EXERCISE                        Total Weight               Total Reps

Push Ups

Sit Ups/Plank


Shoulder Raises (dumbells)

Lunge Twists (dumbells)



Chest Press

Rock & Roll Core


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